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With our Equity Rental Program, you can save your capital budget money and tap into your local expense line of capital. There is no buyout in the end...you own the equipment. It's the benefit of a rental with little cash flow expenditure yet you get to keep the equipment in the end. Approval is done through several leasing company options we will present to you. Minimum amount for the program is $5,000.00 USD. You have the option of breaking it up over 12-60 months. We keep it at an equal and favorable figure with no balloon payments in the end.

Who qualifies for Predictable Surgical's Equity Rental Program?

All rental requests are individually reviewed and sent out to our leasing partners. We accept applications from Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Government Healthcare Facilities, Doctor's Offices, Bio Research Facilities, Forensic, Dental, Optometry, Chiropractic, Veterinary Clinics, Surgery Centers and Universities.

How will I know if this program is right for me?

Having a good technical understanding of both the application for Equity Rentals as well as the equipment in question helps eliminate errors from the start. Our people are trained to assist you with your specific needs.

What is the normal term for the Equity Rental?

1-5 years

What if I only want to rent for a few weeks?

Then this program is not for you. However, take the time to speak with one of our Sales Directors. Many times we have brainstormed with our clients and have come up with some pretty creative solutions to meet their needs.

How is the payment processed?

Once approved and accepted, your payment plan will not be to us but direct to the approved lender. However, we will maintain the equipment for you during the warranty period.

How is shipping handled initially as well as during the warranty period?

The customer is always responsible for the shipping when the program begins however, during the warranty period, the customer pays to ship it back after receiving an authorized RMA number. Then Predictable Surgical pays the returned shipping.

What is the condition of the equipment provided in this program?

All of Predictable Surgical's equipment is either new or refurbished back to the original equipment manufacturers specification and comes with a complete warranty on parts and labor.

What happens if I lose or damage the equipment during the program?

Well, as in most things, if you lose or damage the equipment while it is in your care, then naturally it becomes your responsibility. That said, there are a number of insurance options to consider at the start of the program.

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